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Miss Gordon brought a woman for lunch – tall, spare, French, but lives in England and India; interested in yogis, vegetables, against alcohol and tobacco. He [Gurdjieff] said, "You are stupid. You not understand what I say, you not even listen." She said, "I didn't hear the last part of what you said." He said, "Not even first part, no intelligent look on your face. Even when man not understand, he can have lively look for trying." He made her eat meat and drink Armagnac with him. He said, "Every thinking man – and by man I also mean woman – must be occupied only by this interest – to develop a soul."

~ "Gurdjieff and the Women of the Rope"

"One of the English visitors — whether one of Jane Heap's people or Mr. Walker's I don't know — was very nervous as to how he would manage the meals, as he was some extremely strict kind of vegetarian. I happened to be helping serve that day and suggested to him that if he would sit as near to the dining room door as he could, I would see to it that his diet was respected. This he did and I thought I was achieving everything with the necessary discretion until Mr. Gurdjieff suddenly roared out to me, "Why are you so ashamed? To be a vegetarian is an honourable thing. Give the young man more rice!" This I did, while Mr. Gurdjieff explained to us that he considered that man was not by nature a carnivore and should really live on fruit and vegetables. But unfortunately, from long, long ago, he had become accustomed to eating meat and now it was really advisable for him to continue to do so, as the emanations of the meat eaters would always be stronger than those of people who do not eat meat, thus putting the latter at a disadvantage."

~ Rina Hands "Diary Madame Egout Pour Sweet"

Gurdjieff: ‘When you know that you don’t know, it is already a great deal.

~ CS Nott “The Teachings of Gurdjieff — A Pupil's Journey”



Questioner: One feels that the body is under pressure, that it is the theater of such a struggle that it is going to break in pieces.

Gurdjieff: Remember, I said: man is not a pig, he cannot burst when he eats. The pig has a normal stomach — it cannot eat more than its stomach permits — it would burst; man is a scoundrel — he has a stomach of India-rubber. He is worse than the pig; he gulps down, he gulps down without ever bursting. Not only the stomach, all the organs are of rubber. But little by little he has degenerated. Even the rubber, if one does not use it, shrinks. It is only if one restores it a thousand times bigger that he is like he must be. "Burst," it is a fantastic word. Only the pig can burst, man cannot. The pig has a normal stomach, he can burst. The stomach of man is of rubber, and all his organs. Continue without fear, if it is ten times more strong, so much the better; you shall go ten times faster here in my group. Have no fear, you will not burst. It is imagination. How can one burst if one eats well? You are used to gulping down like a pig. Never do you eat well. Only now you begin to learn what is true eating. Do not be afraid. Continue and continue. Leave this sensation which creates that each time this expands; you are exactly like a child who has the hiccups, when it has eaten a great deal. Nature enlarges his stomach. A child can have the hiccups a thousand times. You are on the first time. Do not be afraid; you shall have them nine hundred ninety-nine times more.

~ George Gurdjieff "Paris/Wartime Meetings"


Always everything influences us. Every thought, feeling, movement is a result of one or another influence. Everything we do, all our manifestations are what they are because something influences us from without. Sometimes this slavery humiliates us, sometimes not; it depends on what we like. We are also under many influences which we share in common with animals. We may want to get free from one or two, but having got free of them we may acquire another ten. On the other hand we do have some choice, that is, we can keep some and free ourselves of others. It is possible to become free of two kinds of influences.

To free oneself of chemico-physical influences, one has to be passive. I repeat, these are the influences which are due to the emanations of the atmosphere of the body, of feeling, of thought, and in some people also of ether. To be able to resist these influences one has to be passive. Then one can become a little freer of them. The law of attraction operates here. Like attracts like. That is, everything goes toward the place where there is more of the same kind. To him who has much, more is given. From him who has little, even that is taken away. If I am calm, my emanations are heavy so other emanations come to me and I can absorb them, as much as I have room for. But if I am agitated I have not enough emanations, for they are going out to others.

If emanations come to me, they occupy empty places, for they are necessary where there is a vacuum.

Emanations remain where there is calm, where there is no friction, where there is an empty place. If there is no room, if everything is full, emanations may hit against me but they rebound or pass by. If I am calm, I have an empty place so I can receive them; but if I am full they do not trouble me. So I am ensured in either case.

To become free of influences of the second, that is, the associative kind, requires an artificial struggle. Here the law of repulsion acts. This law consists in the fact that where there is little, more is added, that is, it is the reverse of the first law. With influences of this kind everything proceeds according to the law of repulsion.

So for freeing oneself from influences there are two separate principles for the two different kinds of influences. If you want to be free you must know which principle to apply in every particular case. If you apply repulsion where attraction is needed, you will be lost. Many do the reverse of what is required. It is very easy to discriminate between these two influences; it can be done at once.

~ George Gurdjieff "Views from the Real World"