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Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

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What to Expect When You Come for A Session

The simple answer is no, especially if you do not want to be hypnotized. However, studies have shown that approximately 15% of the population can be hypnotized very easily, 15% are unhypnotizable, while the remaining 70% fall in between.

Now what makes this research interesting is that it overthrows a popular misconception, because it shows that the more creative and intelligent a person is, the easier it is to hypnotize them. And here the key word is "easier" because those who fall in between these two extremes can still be hypnotized. It just takes more work on the part of the hypnotist.

The other interesting thing is that the ability to enter into a state of hypnosis is like a muscle. The more you train and work on accessing this state, the deeper you will go.

Now the only real way to know for certain how deep you can go into trance is to book an appointment with a hypnotist who has the right background and training to deal with your specific concerns.

How Can I Find Out How Hypnotizable I Am?

If you can answer yes to some of the following questions you will most likely be able to benefit from hypnosis, as long as any fears and concerns you have are adequately addressed:

  • Are you intelligent and creative?

  • Do you have a good imagination? Can you close your eyes and conjure up the fragrance of a rose, or recall what it feels like to have the sun shinning on your skin, or see an image of a loved one's face.

  • Have you ever gotten so absorbed in what you were doing that you lost track of time or felt as if you were somewhere else?

  • Have you ever gotten so absorbed in a movie, television show, or novel, that it was as if you were part of what was going on? Perhaps tensing up and clenching your jaw when the plot grows more suspenseful, or feeling sad when a good character dies.

  • Do you play any musical instruments, like to write, or have any artistic training?

  • Have you ever achieved good results from relaxation exercises such as yoga, t'ai chi or meditation?

  • Have you ever felt as if you were 'stung' by someone's words? Do you daydream or catastrophize? Perhaps imaging what you would do and how you feel if you won the lottery; or imagining the worst when a loved one is late.

Try Our Free 20-Minute Toronto Hypnosis Recording...

Another good indication that of how hypnotizable you are, is if you respond fairly well to a relaxation tape or hypnotic recording. This is why we would like you to download our free 20-minute mp3 hypnosis recording: RELAX & RESTORE by clicking on the button below.

Please keep in mind that while hypnosis recordings can help you enter into a deep trance and change in powerful ways, they cannot achieve the same results as a live session.

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Hypnosis is a remarkable tool that can help with all sorts of problems. If you do not see it listed here please call us and ask if hypnosis can help you.

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