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Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Watch "Relax & Restore" on Youtube.

The Toronto Hypnotherapist has five hypnotherapeutic recordings currently available for you to listen to online or download as a FREE mp3 version:

  • Relax and Restore

  • Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

  • Nurturing Love Through Self-Hypnosis

  • Nurturing Joy Through Self-Hypnosis

  • Nurturing Peace Through Self-Hypnosis

We have provided an in-depth commentary on these recordings further down this page, including some the techniques and technologies used on them. Please scroll down to learn more.

For best results listen to these with stereo headphones.

Please note that while these recordings are good, they are no substitute for a live hypnosis session with an experienced and well-trained hypnotist. Recordings can only contain suggestions and must be repeated over and over again for these suggestions to sink down into your subconscious (called the Law of Compounding).

And while a live session is also filled with suggestions, it focuses more on "Insight Therapy" which is like getting 6 months to a year of psychotherapy compressed into 4 or 5 hypnosis sessions.

These recordings are also an ideal way to gauge how receptive you are to hypnosis. If you enter into a deeply relaxed state or even seem to blank-out (something that only occurs because of advanced linguistic technology on the recordings) it probably means you are an ideal candidate for a series of live sessions crafted to suit your individual needs.

If you are interested in booking healing sessions with Toronto Hypnotist Allan Clews, these recordings will also help to enhance your experience by priming you to Allan's voice.

The Toronto Hypnotherapist's "Relax and Restore"

This recording is designed to help you to deeply relax and restore your body to its natural state of health and has been designed to help you enter the hypnotic state that exists between waking and sleep where your subconscious is most receptive to suggestion.

Binaural tones have been added to this recording to enhance this process. They will help lead your brain-waves into this state through the process of brain-wave entrainment. So for maximum effect you must listen recordings with stereo headphones.

For this recording to become really effective, it really needs to be repeated at least 15 to 20 times. Hypnotists call this the Law of Compounding.

It is designed to help your subconscious restore your body's natural state of homeostasis where real healing starts. It does this by using the healing metaphor of the tide coming in and washing away all your dark footprints and dents in the sand. Restoring the shore - your subconscious - to its ideal state.

Nurturing Love, Joy and Peace Through Self-Hypnosis

The next transformation of humanity involves a transformation of emotions.

Allan Clews gave a talk back in 2007 and finished with an inner exercise that ended by getting the participants to breath in joy. Most of the participants had trouble doing this and Allan felt a little deflated and wrote and recorded these in response.

"Nurturing Love" was the first of three 30-minute recordings he created to help people reconnect with these powerful emotions.

Part Mindfulness training, part inner exercise, part deep-self hypnosis and part brainwave technology; they require stereo headphones because they have binaural beats which can harmonize and entrain your brain-waves and help you enter the powerful hypnagogic state. Headphones are also needed for the double-induction portions where each ear will hear a different hypnotic conversation filled with loving/joyful/peaceful suggestions.

Do not be alarmed if you blank out. It happens to Allan Clews all of the time and he wrote and recorded them. This simply means the linguistic/narrative part of your brain is being jammed. If you want to accelerate this process, really try to follow both conversations. It is like sticking a wrench into the formatory apparatus (also known as the critical factor of the conscious mind to regular hypnotists) which allows the positive and uplifting suggestions to flow directly to the deeper parts of the self.

These recording are very Gurdjieffian, though in subtle way; with Mindful self-sensing exercises and repeated suggestions to strive to refine and work on yourself. They have also been heavily influenced by Dr. Milton Erickson MD and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing).

Due to their complexity you will have to listen to them regularly for at least a month for many of the suggestions to sink down far enough into your subconscious.

They are designed to help you access a very deep level of trance. Much deeper than the somnambulist state. And if you do, if you allow it to turn off your formatory apparatus, they will help you to nurture more love/joy/peace in your life.

Hypnosis is a profound healing tool, unfortunately, it is meant to occur one on one and become almost like a dance between the hypnotist and the client with words timed to coincide with breaths and realizations.

This cannot be duplicated in a recording, so in order for the suggestions contained on recordings to sink deep enough into the subconscious the recordings must be listened to upwards of 20 times each.

"Stop Smoking with Hypnosis"

There is a roughness and quickness to this recording that is intentional and is designed to help facilitate hypnotic experience. It is the product of years of development and it brings together three different ways of entering into the hypnotic state. This is done to help as many people stop smoking as possible. It is also engineered to work for those who are usually unaffected by conventional hypnotic recordings, such as those who have overly analytical minds.

These three different approaches are:

1) The Conventional Approach which uses progressive muscular relaxation techniques in order to help the listener access the hypnotic state.

2) The Linguistic Approach which uses complex linguistic patterns to overwhelm the listener and insure that positive life-affirming suggestions slip by the “critical factor of the conscious mind.”

3) The Brain-Wave Approach which uses specific binaural beats to help listeners access some of the deepest hypnotic brain-wave states. This also causes the right and left sides of the brain to operate in unison. A process known as hemispheric synchronization that has been proven to enhance creativity and lead to greater emotional balance.

This is licenced under Creative Commons so please make copies and share with your friends and family.

Some of the Hypnotic Tools & Techniques on These Recordings

This is a brief introduction to some of the hypnotic tools and techniques we use on this recording. It is by no means a complete explanation of everything done on it. And don’t worry, knowing some of these techniques will not make them less effective.

Progressive Relaxation Techniques

The most common way to hypnotize someone is through progressive muscular relaxation. So we have interspersed phrases throughout the recording asking you to relax your hands and fingers or your eyes or the muscles in your face. We have also included a modified Elman Induction in it (named after its creator Dave Elman).

The Elman Induction is the most widely used muscular relaxation induction in the world, because it is very quick (it takes about five minutes) and is able to hypnotize approximately 60% of the population when done during a live session with a hypnotist.

It involves bringing your awareness to your eyes three times and then taking the relaxation you create each time and sending it down your body like a gentle wave. The first time you simply relax the muscles involved in your eyes, particularly those that open and close your eyelids - as deeply as you can before sending this relaxation down your body. The second time you relax them ten times deeper before you send this relaxation down your body. And the third time you simply double the relaxation before sending it down your body.

Violating Linguistic Rules

Some of these linguistic techniques were pioneered by master hypnotist and psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson MD. He found that when he broke certain grammatical rules it caused the conscious mind and the part of the brain that processes language to jam, allowing any suggestions that followed to be more readily accepted.

One form involves ending and beginning what should be two separate sentences with the same noun phrase, in effect scrunching them together. An example (not on the recordings) would be:

Normal version: “I visited Mary and played with her cats. Cats are masters at catnapping and they really know how to just let go of all tension in their body.”

Hypnotic version: “I visited Mary and played with her CATS are masters at catnapping and they really know how to just let go of all tension in their body.”

Another way of violating some of the innate rules of grammar are as simple as changing a single word in a sentence. Using our previous example: “I visited Mary and played with her CATS are masters at catnapping and they really know how to just let go of all tension in YOUR body.”

Another thing we do is to play with the word order and may stick the verb at the end of a sentence rather than in the middle. English generally follows a subject-verb-object word order such as “I ran home;” whereas a language such as Chinese generally follows a subject-object-verb word order or “I home ran.” So we can say “you relax your fingers” or we can make it a little more difficult to process by saying “you fingers yours relax.”

We also play with words that modify other words. For example (not on the recording) in “I was very happy” ‘very’ can only modify ‘happy’ and so we can twist this a little by saying “I very was happy.” And while “it very is easy” to understand the idea being communicated, it makes the linguistic processing centre in our brains work just a little bit harder, allowing any following suggestions to be a little more readily accepted.

Embedded Commands

Embedded commands are commands that are hidden in the sentence, and are usually spoken with a slightly different tone (which is not obvious to the conscious mind, though it is flagged by the subconscious). To use a previous example: “I visited Mary and played with her CATS are masters at catnapping and they really know how to just let go of all tension in YOUR BODY.”

The Confusion Technique

This was another one pioneered by Dr. Milton Erickson and it involves using language in a way that becomes more and more confusing such as: “your subconscious will now help you to help you to forget what it was that you did not wish to remember. And forgetting to remember what you wish to forget to remember or even remembering to forget so easily whatever that was you can’t even remember.”

Brain-Wave Entrainment

A simple demonstration of the entrainment process is where you have two identical tuning forks and you hit one and get it vibrating and then bring it close to the second one (without touching), the second one will become entrained and begin vibrating at the same frequency. You can also demonstrate this by blowing a trumpet, or even yelling, beside a piano. Because this will cause certain strings on that piano to become entrained and make a sound.

Scientists discovered that the human brain can also be entrained. The first study did this using lights. They subjected volunteers to lights that flashed ten times per second (or hertz) and found that the electrical frequency of the volunteer’s brain resonated in tune at 10 hertz.

Other researchers discovered this same effect could be achieved by sound. And that if you play one specific frequency into one ear and then a slightly different one in the other ear, the brain began to resonate at the difference between the two frequencies (or binaural beats to use the technical term).

This process makes use of the fact that our brains have evolved to locate the source of sounds and it does this because any given sound will reach one ear a fraction of second ahead of the other ear. Allowing the brain to measure the difference and locate the source of the sound.

This means if you want to entrain the brain with sound you need to send each ear a slightly different frequency. So on our recording a tone of 130 hertz (approximately “Low C”) is sent to one ear and a tone of 131.5 hertz into the other ear. So your brain will begin resonating at the difference, which is 1.5 hertz, or just on the deepest edge of the hypnagogic state (also known at the Delta Brain-Wave State).

This process also lead to the state of hemispheric synchronization where both sides of the brain (which usually operate at different brain-wave frequencies). This has been proven to enhance creativity and even help people suffering from emotional problems because these problems are usually localized in one of the cerebral hemispheres).

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