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The Seven Major Myths of Hypnosis

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The Nine Major Myths of Hypnosis

Myth: Only the Weak-Minded Can Be Hypnotized.

Reality: Research shows that the more intelligent & creative you are, the easier it should be for you to be hypnotized. 

The Nine Myths of Hypnosis

  • Only Weak-Minded People Can Be Hypnotized;

  • You Can Be Made to Do Things Against Your Will;

  • Hypnosis is Dangerous;

  • You Can Get Stuck In Hypnosis;

  • Hypnosis Can Make You Reveal Your Secrets;

  • If You Can Hear What the Hypnotist is Saying Then You Are Not Really Hypnotized;

  • When You Awaken From Hypnosis You Will Have No Memory of What Happened'

  • Hypnosis Only Works Because of the Placebo Effect;

  • .Hypnosis Can Be Used to Recall Memories from a Past-Life.

Myth # 1

Only Weak-Minded People Can Be Hypnotized

Many people believe only those who are weak-minded and gullible can be hypnotized. However, studies have proven that this is not true. The more intelligent, the more creative, and the more imaginative a person is, the easier it is for them to be hypnotized.

In fact, the biggest reason you cannot be hypnotized is because you simply refuse to allow yourself to be hypnotized. And the primary reason you might resist, is because you have been fed all sorts of false beliefs and misconceptions about hypnosis.

Myth # 2

You Can Be Made to Do Things Against Your Will in Hypnosis

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and the hypnotist only really serves as a guide to

help lead you into a deeply relaxing state. One where they can then make a series of expertly crafted suggestions in a language that your subconscious understands: suggestions that can then take root deep inside of you and really help you to improve your life.

However, your subconscious can simply reject these suggestions if it does not feel comfortable with them. The hypnotist does not possess any kind of special power or control. Instead they must actually work with you to gain your trust and cooperation. This means that their ability to help you make positive and healthy changes in your life dramatically increases the more gentle and respectful they are with you.

Myth # 3

Hypnosis is Dangerous 

Hypnosis is a safe and completely natural therapeutic tool that has been used for thousands of years. The only people who should not attempt to be hypnotized are epileptics. In fact the Canadian, American and British Medical Associations all officially recognized the healing power of hypnosis and its value as a powerful therapeutic tool well over sixty years ago.

The real truth is that you have already been hypnotized many times in your life because it is a completely natural process. One that occurs when you watch an enthralling movie and your heart beats faster, or you smell freshly-baked bread and are suddenly transported back to your grandmother's kitchen.

All the hypnotist does is to allow you to harness the power of this naturally occurring state in order to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Myth # 4

You Can Get Stuck In Hypnosis

You enter into hypnotic states many times each day. You do this whenever you daydream, or get so caught up in an activity that you lose awareness of your surroundings. So if you were to be guided into a deeply hypnotic state by a hypnotist and they suddenly left the room, you would effortlessly emerge on your own, feeling calm and relaxed, or else you would simply fall asleep and have a wonderful nap and then wake-up feeling refreshed a short-time later.

Myth # 5

Hypnosis Can Make You Reveal Your Secrets

Your subconscious is extremely protective of you and it has most likely saved your life on a number of occasions. Perhaps when you suddenly swerved to avoid a car you didn't even realize was going to hit you, or when you somehow knew that you couldn’t trust someone because something just felt wrong.

When a hypnotist helps to guide you into a trance, all they are doing is helping you bypass your normal state of awareness and harness the incredible power of your subconscious: the part that is usually hidden within you. This means that while you may be able to remember long-forgotten memories, and even vividly relive childhood experiences, you cannot be made to reveal anything you wish to keep private.

If this were not so, then parents all over the world would be continually sending their teenage children to hypnotists to find out what really happened at that party.

Myth # 6

If You Can Hear What the Hypnotist is Saying Then You Are Not Really Hypnotized

Some people often mistakenly believe that because you can hear and follow the guidance of the hypnotist, then you must not be hypnotized.

Unfortunately, this means that it often becomes necessary for the hypnotist to prove to you that you really are hypnotized by doing such things as getting you to close your eyes so tightly that you are unable to open them.

As a result, it is important for you to understand that hypnosis is really a state of focused concentration. This means that if you were unable to hear and follow the directions of the hypnotist, then you would not be able to utilize this state in the most beneficial and therapeutic way possible.

Myth # 7

When You Awaken From Hypnosis You Will Have No Memory of What Happened

It is possible with the cooperation of your subconscious to forget what happened during a therapeutic session because it is beneficial for you to do so: perhaps when it is better for you to forget about some traumatic experience or revelation that would have a negative impact on your life if you remembered it in your normal state. However, this almost never occurs and in fact it is far more likely that you will vividly remember important events that you had forgotten.

During a normal session you will remain alert and aware of your surroundings. You will be able to think and hear and effortlessly remember everything that happened to you.

Unfortunately, far too many people miss out on the real benefits of hypnosis because they have an unfounded fear of losing control. When the real truth is that the control merely shifts from your normal state, to that part of you where you can make deep, positive and lasting changes to your life.

Myths # 8 & 9

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