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What is Hypnosis? 

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state we have all entered without realizing it. We get hypnotized when we cry during a movie, get swept away by a piece of music, or feel a deep sense of loss when the hometown team loses.

We even enter this state when a commercial for a box of cereal of comes on television & we automatically find ourselves reaching for this brand when we are in the grocery store.

Artists, entertainers, preachers, politicians and advertisers all induce trances. Fortunately it is also a state where profound healing and lasting change can occur.

Hypnosis is a State:

  • of concentrated attention;

  • where you are more receptive to suggestion;

  • where you bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind;

  • where accelerated change is possible

  • where we can educate and communicate with our subconscious mind, that deep more elemental part of our being.

Your Subconscious is the Realm:

of your imagination;

  • of your emotions;
  • of your heart-beat, respiration, immune system and other instinctual and physiological processes;
  • where your beliefs and limitations were programed into you;
  • where your impulses arise;
  • of your deeper, more authentic self;
  • Hypnosis Can Lead to Accelerated Changes:

    accept positive and beneficial suggestions;

  • overcome fears and irrational impulses;
  • break free from negative beliefs and limitations;
  • change your subjective perception of pain;
  • harness the power of Imagination to heal and transform your life;
  • gently dissolve harmful emotions;
  • bring different parts within you into alignment such as the part that wants to be healthy and the part that craves sugar.
  • Although there has been an explosion of scientific research into hypnosis over the last hundred years – and its incredible healing powers have been scientifically documented over and over again – this makes it even more remarkable that there is no widely accepted definition of hypnosis.

    We agree on what it does, but disagree as to why. What most hypnotists and researchers will settle on, is that it is a state of focused or concentrated attention where we become much more open and responsive to suggestion.

    However, hypnosis is much more than this.

    It also the state where you bypass your conscious mind and tap into your subconscious: the realm of imagination and emotion; the realm where your belief in your own limitations and capabilities were programed into you at an early age; and the realm where your seemingly irrational impulses arise.

    What this means in more practical terms, is that hypnosis is a state where you can begin to reprogram your subconscious so you no longer feel the impulse to smoke that cigarette or eat that piece of cake.

    It is also a state where you have such focused and concentrated attention that you can begin to alter your subjective perception of things. Perhaps the chronic pain that had been blighting your life. Even going so far as to change it so profoundly that this pain no longer feels as sharp and intense and intolerable. Perhaps even making it disappear altogether as you instruct your subconscious to alter its pathway.

    Hypnosis is also a state that allows you to harness the incredible power of your imagination to change your life in so many different ways. Hypnotists like to express this more poetically with the saying: 'what you can believe and conceive, you can achieve.'

    For example, you can use this power to imagine your broken leg has healed and heal it faster. You can use it to imagine a real increase in your immune system's b-cells and t-cells in order to help you in your fight with cancer. You can even use it to imagine yourself into a life where you are no longer shy, but instead love to go to parties and talk to new people.

    It is also a state where you can gently dissolve the emotions that have helped to support and maintain various physical and emotional illnesses. Thereby insuring that these illnesses now have one less leg to stand on.

    Hypnosis Has Even Been Approved by Various Medical Associations

    Hypnosis was approved by the British Medical Association in 1955, the American Medical Association in 1958, and the Canadian Medical Association in 1959. It was even approved by Pope Pius XII in 1956 (for the relief of pain during childbirth).

    And unlike other treatments, hypnosis cannot lead to an infection or overdose. It has no toxic side-effects. It does not conflict with any medication you may be taking. It is safe and 100% natural.

    Hypnosis and Toronto Hypnotherapy.

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    Hypnosis is a remarkable tool that can help with all sorts of problems. If you do not see it listed here please call us and ask if hypnosis can help you.

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