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Hypnosis and Menopause (and Post-Menopausal Problems)

Perhaps you are suffering from hot flashes of intense heat that seem to rise up in your chest and face, making you feel as if you are trapped in your own body.

Perhaps you find that the simple act of looking at yourself in a mirror is enough to cause destructive beliefs to surge up from your subconscious, making you think you are old and undesirable.

Perhaps the hormonal changes that are now taking place deep within your body are disturbing your sleep so much that you are exhausted all of the time, making you sullen, moody and unable to concentrate.

If so, then hypnosis can help you because it can help to alter the way your body reacts to those hormonal changes. It can also help you remove those destructive beliefs that seem so ready to spring up from your subconscious and overwhelm you. It can help you to forge a new, empowering role in life. It can even be used to increase your own feelings of desire and make you far more attractive to the opposite sex.

For instance, imagine that you sense a hot flash coming on, but rather than feeling helpless, you simply go somewhere quiet and enter into a state of self-hypnosis, where you use your mind/body connection to turn the heat down.

Or you learn to flip that switch in your subconscious that changes your perspective, so you no longer see yourself as being past your sell-by-date, but are instead moving into that empowering time of life when you finally get to become the Wise Woman.

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Menopause (and Post-Menopausal Problems) Fact Sheet

This is when a woman's reproductive an fertility cycle comes to an end as a result of aging. It generally occurs sometime between the ages of 40 and 60 when a woman stops having her period.


  • the end a woman's reproductive cycle;

  • a dramatic reduction in reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone).


  • hot flashes, rapid heart beat and night sweats;

  • rapid mood swings;

  • frustration and irritability;

  • lack of confidence;

  • anxiety and depression;

  • headaches;

  • fatigue and tiredness;

  • insomnia and poor sleep;

  • an inability to concentrate;

  • memory loss;

  • bladder problems and urinary incontinence;

  • atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries);

  • rapid loss of bone density;

  • loss of interest in sex.


  • tiredness and fatigue;

  • too much stress;

  • lack of exercise;

  • poor diet;

  • anemia;

  • substance abuse (especially tobacco and alcohol);

  • anxiety and depression;

  • feeling old, unattractive and worthless.

How Hypnosis Can Help You

If you have menopausal problems, then hypnosis is ideally suited to helping you deal with this condition because:

  • it can give you a greater sense of control over your life;

  • it can enhance your innate capacity to heal yourself;

  • it can help you to turn the heat down so you are not nearly as overwhelmed by hot flashes;

  • it can reduce triggers such as stress, anxiety and depression;

  • it can help you flip that switch in your mind that alters your perspective so you no longer see yourself as being past your sell-by-date, but what our ancient ancestors called a Wise Woman;

  • it can increase your feelings of desire and even your sex drive;

  • it can help you eat better and begin a sound exercise program;

  • it change your beliefs about yourself (and the more attractive you believe you are, the more attractive you become to others);

  • it can help improve your sleeping habits so you feel better and are more alert and able to concentrate.

  • it can help by allowing you to dissociate yourself (focus your mind and attention elsewhere) from your condition so you don't dwell in it too much;

  • it can help if there is a link between a specific emotional trauma in your past and the severity of your condition;

  • it can help if it involves any subconscious and state-dependent processes.

Some Research That Proves These Claims...

The scientific research is conclusive. If you are capable of entering into a moderately deep state of hypnosis (something 70% of the population can achieve), then hypnosis can help you. Here is a summation of some of these studies...

Hypnosis for the Many Faces Of Menopause: Enhancing Normal Development and Treating Trauma-Related Disruptions. Halas, Mary A [From the book Healing from Within: The Use of Hypnosis in Women's Health Care. Hornyak, Lynne M. (Ed); Green, Joseph P. (Ed). 2000; 213-232].

This paper explores the various ways that menopause manifests itself within women, with a particular emphasis on the effects that traumatic events which happened earlier in life, can play in its subsequent development. The author then explains how hypnosis can be used to help those who are overly affected by menopause by doing such things as: changing deeply-held negative-beliefs at the subconscious level; reconstructing a more realistic sense of the self; learning to see how the various symptoms that arise might really be signals that there is some sort of unfinished business that needs to be resolved; and by helping to reframe thoughts and reinterpret bodily experiences.

Mind Control of Menopause. Womens Health Issues. 2003 Mar-Apr;13(2):74-8. Younus J, Simpson I, Collins A, Wang X.

This pilot study had two purposes: firstly, to explore the effect that hypnosis has on hot flashes and the quality of life of those suffering from hot flashes; and secondly, to explore the effect it has on the level of fatigue and tiredness that is experienced by these woman. Ten healthy women and four breast cancer patients who were suffering from recurring hot flashes were recruited for this study. They were asked to keep a diary to record their hot flashes. The authors of this study found that hypnosis significantly reduced the number, severity and length of the hot flashes, while also significantly improving the quality of the subject's lives. However, while they found that hypnosis led to better sleep and reduced insomnia among their subjects, this change was not statistically significant.

Randomized Trial Of A Hypnosis Intervention for Treatment of Hot Flashes Among Breast Cancer Survivors. Journal of Clinical Oncology, Nov. 2008, Vol 26(31):5022-5026. Elkins G, Marcus, Stearns JV, Perfect M, Rajab MH, Ruud C, Palamara L, Keith T.

This study involved 60 woman who were chosen because they had survived breast-cancer (and now had no detectable signs of this disease) and who had experienced at least 14 hot flashes each week for at least a month. They were randomly assigned to a control group (who received no treatment) and a group who received 5 weekly hypnosis sessions. Not only did the group who received hypnosis reduce the frequency and severity of their hot-flashes by 68%, they were less anxious and depressed and reported sleeping better than those in the control group.

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