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Gurdjieff has learned a new word at dinner. He tells me I am "kind born seven months–not nine–what is that?" "Premature," we say–and so he says I am Miss Premature. Later he asks me to tell Miss Gordon what my new title is.

In the room he tells Miss Gordon she must drink brandy, because we are all drunk and her vibrations are cacophonous with ours. "For harmony, you drink" – and she does.

~ "Gurdjieff and the Women of the Rope"



"Today you have a thousand "I''s. Each weakness is an "I" that can at any moment make itself your master. To have your own "I" it is necessary for it to be born. It has been conceived because you have allowed the work to enter in you. It will not grow by itself; it must be fed so that it can accumulate substance and one happy day take form. Then it can develop and be born.

"This substance of "I" comes only from intentional suffering. When, for instance, you wish strongly for a cigarette and deny yourself, you will suffer inwardly. Then say: "I wish to make this inward force my own force." "I wish to receive this substance of my intentional suffering for my own 'I'." By this means you can become an Individual and go on the path that leads to the perfected man."

~ George Gurdjieff "Gurdjieff's Early Talks"



“The theory of communication through nerves failed to explain many facts, among them the extraordinary speed of communications inside the organism, because transmission by means of nervous ducts everywhere requires a certain time, however short. And a transmission in all directions and a total subjugation of the whole organism to some one emotion, some one feeling, would require a certain length of time, easily recorded and calculated, if the period of time was as long as seconds. Observations show, however, that these transmissions and subjugations take place instantaneously, without any possibility of establishing the interval of time between the impact and the result. This is the result of the activity of hormones. Hormones are clouds of fine matter, finer than the gaseous matter known to us which is given off by various organs of our body. These clouds permeate our whole organism with incredible rapidity and, intermingling, are the cause of the state in which the organism finds itself at a given moment. Moreover, they also constitute the atmosphere of emanations which envelops a human organism for a certain distance and which under certain conditions can even be seen. These emanations or radiations of the organism, connect it with the fine atmosphere which surrounds it and which penetrates the atmosphere in which we move and breathe. The radiations of the human body, or rather, the network of radiations which forms the emanations, is of two kinds: First, the absorption, the sucking into the organism of certain substances from the surrounding atmosphere and second, the throwing out of certain matters from the organism. lf the activity of radiations of the second kind is too intense, the organism uselessly loses its energy. If the activity of radiations of the first kind predominates, the organism gets stronger and healthier. Certain forms of nervous diseases and disorders, for instance, contusions, falls and bruises – when there is no definite traumatic injury – depend on the violation of the right radiations. A strong shock may break off radiations, but such a breaking off is possible only with a very strong and quick shock. The slow movement taking place around us does not break off radiations because the vibrations of radiations are so quick that slow movement cannot affect them.”

~ George Gurdjieff “Gurdjieff's Early Talks 1914-1931”

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