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Toronto Hypnotherapy and a Smoke-Free Life

Hypnosis is the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking.

The Institute of Actuaries analyzed the results of 633 smoking cessation studies involving 71,806 participants. They found that 6% were able to stop using willpower alone, 10% using nicotine gum, 24% using acupuncture, and 30% using a single hypnosis session.

They also discovered that when more than one session of hypnosis was used, the success rates rose to between 60 and 90% (see the study below). They concluded that using hypnotherapy and hypnosis was the most effective way to stop smoking.

At the Toronto Hypnotherapist our comprehensive Smoking Cessation program involves four 90-minute sessions designed to help you:

  • dramatically increase your willpower and motivation;

  • reduce your cravings and withdrawal symptoms;

  • help your body to quickly detoxify from nicotine;

  • accelerate your healing at the cellular level and counteract any harmful effects from smoking;

  • negate the reasons why you first started smoking so they no longer exert a subconscious influence;

  • reprogram your subconscious to reduce the power of any emotional triggers;

  • motivate you to improve your health through diet and exercise;

  • harness your imagination to imprint a blue-print of the 'new you' in your subconscious.

The Comprehensive Approach with Hypnotherapy

The problem with relying on willpower is that it is far too inconsistent. The resolve that seemed so strong one moment, can quickly vanish in a puff of smoke the next. Particularly if you find yourself feeling tired, overwhelmed, and under far too much stress.

Even nicotine patches and gum aren't really that effective, because they are merely tools for assisting willpower. They can't really help you deal with the underlying emotions and cravings that make you want to smoke.

At the Toronto Hypnotherapist we take a much more comprehensive approach through the use of Gurdjieffian Hypnotherapy. Our first step involves getting you to hypnotically confront the reasons why you started smoking in the first place. Perhaps you thought it made you look sophisticated. Perhaps you admired the anti-hero in a film who made it look so rebellious. Perhaps you saw the look of pleasure on your father's face as he lit up and you wanted that feeling.

Now even though you may have started smoking a long time ago, these reasons still continue to exert a powerful subconscious influence over your behaviour. Fortunately, hypnosis can easily strip them of their hidden power.

Then we will help you to deal with the emotional reasons you smoke. Perhaps your subconscious learned that you'll feel a 'pick-me-up' when you take that first drag in the morning. Or that smoking takes the edge off feeling stressed-out and irritable. Or that it helps to relieve feelings of loneliness and can even create a sense of belonging with other smokers whenever you are forced to huddle together in the cold.

As a result, when you try to rely on willpower alone and you find yourself growing tired, bored, irritable, stressed-out, and even lonely - your subconscious will automatically trigger an impulse to smoke because it is simply trying to help you. Just as it has always done.

Fortunately, hypnosis is the only method that can really help you to reprogram your subconscious and teach it how to create healthier ways to deal with these negative emotions. Ways that do not involve substituting food and piling on the pounds.

Then to complete your transformation into a non-smoker, we will also teach you how to harness the dynamic power of your imagination to imprint a blue-print of the 'new you' in your subconscious. This way it will understand what you are doing and stop sabotaging your efforts.

We will use the hypnotic state to get you to see, hear, feel, touch and taste exactly what your life 'is' like as a non-smoker. We will get you to imagine that your lungs are 'now' so strong and clear and your body 'now' vibrates with such health and vitality. And we will show you how to make these sensory-rich images so compelling that your subconscious will really want to work with you and make this come true.

Research on Hypnosis That Proves These Claims...

Some Research That Proves These Claims...

The scientific research is conclusive. If you are capable of entering into a moderately deep state of hypnosis (something 70% of the population can achieve), then hypnosis can help you live a smoke free life. Here is a summation of some of these studies...

A Meta-Analytic Comparison of the Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Methods.Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol 77(4), Aug 1992, 554-561. Viswesvaran C, Schmidt FL.

The Institute of Actuaries (in the US) commissioned the largest study ever done on smoking cessation. It statistically analyzed the results of 633 smoking cessation studies involving 71,806 participants. The authors of this study found that on average only one out of five people (20%) were able to successfully quit. However, when they examined the data in more detail, they found that among of all of the techniques used, hypnosis was the most effective.

They found that a single session of hypnosis was three times more effective than the nicotine gum and five times more effective then willpower alone (willpower was 6%; nicotine gum was 10% and a single hypnosis session was 30%). However, they also noted that ten percent of the hypnosis studies (primarily those involving multiple sessions of hypnosis) had success rates of between 60 and 90%.

Freedom From Smoking: Integrating Hypnotic Methods and Rapid Smoking to Facilitate Smoking Cessation. Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2001 Jul;49(3):257-66. Babe J.

This study recruited 43 subjects who wished to quit smoking. The researchers combined hypnosis with with NLP smoking cessation techniques and found that 39 subjects (90%) reported that they remained smoke-free 6 months after the treatment.

Clinical Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation: Preliminary Results of a Three-Session Intervention. Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2004 , Jan;52(1):73-81. Elkins GR, Rajab MH.

Twenty-one smokers who were referred to this study by their physicians for medical reasons, received three smoking cessation hypnosis sessions. At the end of the program 17 subjects (81%) reported that they had stopped smoking. A 12-month follow-up revealed that 10 of them (48%) remained smoke-free.

The Use of Hypnosis in Controlling Cigarette Smoking. Southern Medical Journal, 1968 Sep;61(9):999-1002.Crasilneck HB, Hall JA.

This early study (1968) found that the majority of people who want to quite smoking for medical reasons, were able to do so after having four hypnosis sessions.

Gender-Related Differences in Hypnosis-Based Treatments for Smoking: A Follow-Up Meta-Analysis. Am J Clin Hypn. 2008 Jan;50(3):259-71. Green JP, Montgomery GH.

This paper analyzed the results of 24 studies conducted on the use of hypnosis to help people stop smoking. The authors found that hypnosis helped more men than women to quit smoking. However, even though it noted that the difference between the sexes was significant, it was also small. The authors concluded that smoking cessation sessions should be specifically tailored to the gender of the client.

Use of Single Session Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation. Addictive Behaviors, 1988, Vol. 13(2):205-208. Williams JM, Hall D.

This study involved 60 participants who were randomly assigned to one of three groups: one that received a placebo, one that received a single hypnosis session and one that received no treatment. When they were followed-up at 4,12, 24 and 48 weeks, the researchers found that significantly more members of the hypnosis group had quit smoking than the other two groups. They also found that among those still smoking, those who were in the hypnosis group were smoking significantly less than those in the other two groups.

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